Ralston Creek

Alliance Residential FAQ & Summary: Fact Sheet


This is a 16-acre site located at the northeast corner of Independence Street and Ralston Road.

This once thriving shopping center built in the 1960s had become neglected and run down accumulating millions of dollars in deferred maintenance.  To facilitate the redevelopment and vision for this site, AURA purchased several parcels and buildings including the former Safeway store and the Arvada Square. AURA worked for thirteen years to locate a developer who shared the community’s vision of constructing a pedestrian-oriented and mixed-use development on the site.

Loftus Development was selected as the master developer and purchased the 16-acre site for $2.3 million. It is currently slated to be developed in four phases:

Phase 1 –  The Shops at Ralston Creek

Phase 2 – Marvelle Ralston Creek

Phase 3 – Berkeley Homes – Ralston Creek Townhomes

Phase 4 – Loftus Development Retail Pad (between UC Health Emergency Room and Universal Gas Station)

The first phase known as The Shops at Ralston Creek opened in December 2017 adding over 30,000 square feet of retail space and new sidewalks and streetscape along Ralston Road and Independence Street.

Loftus has contracted with Alliance Residential to develop a 158-unit, senior rental community knows at Marvelle Ralston Creek in phase two. This project will occupy the former Arvada Square parcel and engage with Ralston Creek. Preliminary plans include a new bike bath connection to the existing regional bike and pedestrian trail and add a new public path just south of the creek along the northern portion of this site.

Ralston Creek Townhomes are planned for the third phase of this site. Loftus is currently under contract with Berkeley Homes to develop the former Safeway store parcel. Preliminary plans include 45 for-sale townhomes and a connection to the Ralston Creek Regional Bike and Pedestrian Trail at the northeast corner of the site.

Plans for phase four of this project are still being developed.