Olde Town Residences City Council (Virtual Meeting) Moved

December 22, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: The January 4, 2021 City Council meeting was cancelled due to a posting error.  Trammell Crow’s public hearing for the Conditional Use Permit was on the agenda, it has now been moved to the January 25th City Council meeting.

  • Case Name: Olde Town Residences Conditional Use Permit
  • Hearing Body: Arvada City Council
  • Hearing Date and Time:  January 25, 2021 at 6:15 pm
  • Property Location:  Northwest corner of W. 56th Avenue and Wadsworth ByPass
  • Application Summary: Request for a conditional use permit to construct a residential apartment complex
  • City of Arvada Staff Contact: Cheryl Drake, 720-898-7435 – email address: cheryl@arvada.org
  • TCC-HSR Arvada TOD Fact Sheet

We request that supporters email the City by Monday, January 25, 2021 by 5pm MT. Emails should be addressed to City Clerk Kristen Rush (kristen@arvada.org)

Should supporters be available to speak at the virtual City Council meeting, we request you follow these instructions from the City:

To participate by web or phone, contact City Clerk Kristen Rush at kristen@arvada.org by no later than Monday, January 25, 2021 by 5pm MT. Upon receiving the request, Ms. Rush will provide registration instructions and the rules and the procedures for participating by web or phone. Participants will be limited to 3 minutes for any public comments that are unrelated to an agenda item.

Suggested comments for virtual meeting or email for BUSINESS OWNERS OR PROPERTY OWNERS:

“I am in support of this project as an owner of (land or building or business) in Arvada because I believe this is high quality development which will support business in the surrounding area. It will add residents who will buy goods and services in Arvada. It adds a development in a location which is ripe for residential development and is complementary to both Olde Town and the newer developments south and around Arvada.”

Suggested comments for virtual meeting or email for RESIDENTS:

I live in Arvada and have for xx years. I support this project because it adds high quality residential in a location which makes sense for this use, and these new residents will help support Olde Town and “New Town” and keep these businesses I care about to remain vibrant. Adding multi-family in this location makes sense. The location doesn’t make sense for single family given the grades and proximity to Wadsworth. Commercial buildings couldn’t fit given the site grades and characteristics. This is a good project in a good location and is good for Arvada.”