Garrison Garden Paseo

The new Paseo will offer a bucolic walkway creating a new city park. The path will connect residents south of 58th Ave. with the transit, groceries and other services along Ralston Road. The Garrison Garden Paseo also offers a more usable pedestrian connection to the Ralston Creek Trail to the north. The new Paseo will bring a gentler slope to the walkway making it more accessible for many individuals.

The Arvada Community Gardens will extend into this space, introducing demonstration gardens to those strolling along the path. The Paseo will also integrate a new vantage point at the northwest corner of the gardens allowing individuals to look out over the park, adjacent gardens, and beyond.

Through an agreement with the developer of the Arvada Point Flats, AURA obtained the 25 feet of right-of-way (ROW) critical to the successful development of the Garrison Garden Paseo. The City of Arvada has sought this ROW for many years. AURA’s purchase of the space meets a long time goal.


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