Wilson House

The Wilson House, at 7207 Grandview Avenue, is the first impression for visitors as they enter Olde Town from the east along Grandview Ave. or on the G Line Commuter Rail Line.

This property has lived many lives in the 134 years since its construction. The house is in the Olde Town urban renewal area. Today the Wilson house is home to women-owned businesses in the main structure, and the back of the property offers low-cost apartments that were once motel rooms.

AURA worked with the current owner and architects to spruce up the exterior without compromising the historic architecture in the Olde Town urban renewal area. The improvements include new paint and landscaping, a new picket fence, and new concrete pads and walkways.

“This isn’t our biggest project,” said Maureen Phair, executive director of Arvada Urban Renewal Authority. “But it is a really important project because it has such a significant presence in Olde Town. We love when we can partner with property owners to accomplish something that helps preserve our city’s history effectively bridging the past and the present.”

The property owner chose the blue paint and white accents after doing extensive homework into Victorian-era facades.

The landscaping includes native plants, providing a more environmentally friendly terrain. The improvements also included lighting and a 6-foot privacy fence behind the apartments.

The project also removes unsightly elements that were added to the property over the years. This includes replacing a crumbling shed with a new, storage facility for renters. Window air condition units in the apartments are replaced by a new HVAC system that will be located out of sight, behind the building.





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