Arvada Point Flats

The Arvada Point Flats is a new 36 apartment development replacing a single-family home on 1.6 acres between the new Super Walmart and Arvada Gardeners Community Garden along 57th Avenue. The modern-designed structure offers 34 apartments at market-rate. Two apartments will be dedicated as Affordable Housing units for ten years, reserved for households making 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) or available for Section 8 vouchers. The apartments are within walking distance of many critical services and have meaningful access to public transportation.

Through an agreement with the developer, this project allows the AURA to obtain 25 feet of right-of-way (ROW) critical to the successful development of the Garrison Garden Paseo. The Paseo will provide much-needed improvements to the pedestrian connection between the neighborhood to the south and the services located along Ralston Road including access to the Ralston Creek Trail.

The project meets both AURA and City goals by redeveloping and promoting infill development providing new housing choices for Arvadans and accessible housing to accommodate diverse incomes, ages, and abilities.

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