Ralston Gardens

This project proposes a multi-family building with approximately 102 affordable units targeted at households with incomes between 30 and 80% of the area median income (AMI). It aligns with  many goals within the 2014 Comprehensive Plan including:

  • Accessible housing of different tenure types to accommodate diverse incomes and all ages and abilities.
  • Development of workforce or assisted housing throughout Arvada.
  • A balanced mix of commercial and residential land uses in Arvada.
  • Development of transit-supportive, higher-density, mixed-use, and pedestrian-oriented areas.
  • Infill redevelopment to generate economic revitalization, improve physical conditions, and provide a mix of quality housing choices.

Additionally, this project further advances the goals of the Ralston Fields Urban Renewal Plan to remediate blight through mixed-use redevelopment. The Ralston Creek redevelopment area encompasses both commercial and residential uses shortening the distance between services and home and connecting existing neighborhoods from the north and south.