Ralston Creek Streetscape

Before:  Between Independence and Garrison Streets along Ralston Road, the narrow sidewalks, obstructed by utility boxes and power line poles, lacked walkability, character, and safety.  Additionally, the intersection corners lacked cohesiveness and were cluttered with signage and landscaping that was not maintained.

Vision:  The shopping centers, located in the vicinity of Ralston Road and Independence Street commonly referred to as the Triangle Area, has been re-branded as Ralston Creek.  Ralston Creek was chosen in order to highlight the beautiful amenity running north of the site.  The re-branding includes a new streetscape along Ralston Road with wide sidewalks and tree-lined streets, flower pots, street furniture, and pedestrian lighting.  It also includes new monument signs announcing to visitors that they have arrived in a special area.

Ralston Creek Streetscape Design Guidelines

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