Arvada Beer Garden

A new beer garden is coming to the Ralston Creek district.

The Arvada Beer Garden will offer a family-friendly atmosphere that feels more like a park than a restaurant. It will fit in perfectly with Ralston Central Park across Garrison St. and the Ralston Creek trail to the north.

AURA partnered with City Street Investors (CSI) because of their experience and track record in this arena. CSI has won awards with their family-friendly Edgewater Beer Garden and Lowry Beer Garden. The Lowry Beer Garden was even named one of the 10 Best in the United States by USA Today each of the past three years.

CSI’s goal is to create a uniquely Arvada theme for the beer garden. It will celebrate Arvada’s past while helping build the community for the future. The thoughtful design will include greenery, stone facades, and rolling hills in the landscaping with plenty of Oktoberfest-style picnic tables to foster an environment of community.




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