City Council’s Decision

January 23, 2018

The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority‘s board of directors, many of whom attended and testified at last night’s hearing, is disappointed with City Council‘s decision to reject the PDP application for the Olde Town Residence project. AURA believes that Trammell Crow followed the direction and intent of the Arvada Transit Framework and the many years of guidance and input on how to best develop this parcel. That level of thoughtful planning and design is why Trammell Crow was selected by the Executive Oversite Committee during the RFP process. AURA recognizes the many hours put into this proposal and application by City Council members, City Staff, AURA board and staff and Trammell Crow. In addition, AURA appreciates the public process and input—both in support and opposition—from our dedicated Arvada community members.

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