AURA Community Spotlight

January 5, 2018

Video 2: Rheinlander Bakery/Olde Town Arvada

Happy New Year, Arvada! In this Community Spotlight, we talked to Rheinlander Bakery in Olde Town Arvada. They have seen Olde Town change in many wonderful ways in their 50+ year history!

AURA has partnered with Arvada’s small businesses and community leaders for nearly two decades to successfully carry out its mission of addressing blight. This has allowed AURA to help improve our city’s tax base, roads and sidewalks, public safety, and recreational and cultural amenities. These efforts would not be possible without the hard work and partnership of many community members. AURA has created a Community Spotlight series to help share these stories of collaboration and success, as well as to further explain the work that AURA does across the city. Its AURA’s goal to continue working with our partners to make Arvada a great place to live, work, and play.

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