Marriott Residence Inn at Olde Town Station Opens

February 22, 2024

Arvada is getting a second hotel near Olde Town in 2024.

The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority worked to bring the Marriott Residence Inn at Olde Town Station to Arvada.

The new development, near 56th Ave and Wadsworth Blvd., is a crucial step toward revitalizing the site of an RTD Park-n-ride.

“Infill developments like the Marriott are great for the community,” said Maureen Phair, AURA’s executive director. “We took a vacant parking lot, in an important part of Arvada, and upgraded the local infrastructure. It also reduced the need for urban sprawl. The sustainable approach to development contributes to a more cohesive and vibrant community.”

The Marriott also creates new lodging and sales tax, a vital revenue to the City’s coffers. This helps fund essential public services, parks, police, roads, and other critical infrastructure. These taxes, largely borne by visitors, alleviate the burden on local residents. The City of Arvada will reap this benefit for years and years after the urban renewal district sunsets.

This was the second hotel AURA helped bring to the area.

Beyond the tangible enhancements, both projects improved the sidewalks and walkability of the area, connecting The G-Line station and Olde Town with additional shopping and services. This transit-oriented development benefits the entire community by fostering a more accessible and interconnected neighborhood.

The Marriot joins a previous AURA hotel development, the Hilton Garden Inn, in the area. It took ten years to bring the Hilton Hotel to Arvada, which was finished in 2017. There were very few hotels in the city before the Hilton was built. With no proven track record, it was difficult to convince a company that a hotel could thrive in Arvada.

But the Hilton became a fast success and sowed the seeds for a second hotel to meet the growing demand.

The Marriott and Hilton are within walking distance of Olde Town. They bring new patrons to the area’s coffee shops in the morning, and diners to the restaurants each evening. Tourists will pick up souvenirs from Olde Town shops. The new economic activity has a positive ripple effect throughout Arvada.

Maybe the most important benefit of the new hotel to Arvada residents is the ability for family to stay closer when visiting. Now guests can spend less time in the car and more time visiting with loved ones.


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