Navigating the Concrete Jungle: You Can Help Pave the Way for Arvada’s Evolving Transportation Network

August 15, 2023

In the grand tapestry of urban development, traffic, and infrastructure can be the threads that hold everything together or unravel best-laid plans. When new developments take shape, nearby neighbors often worry their commute will get worse.

Before construction begins many developments require a Traffic Impact Study. These studies seek to understand how much new traffic – or daily trips – is created by a specific project. This analysis must be completed for a project to receive approval and permits. When necessary, a developer may be required to foot the bill for infrastructure to mitigate congestion and improve safety.

Many of AURA’s most recent projects have been mixed-use developments in locations with easy access to public transportation. Studies show that mixed-use developments are often more efficient and sustainable, reducing vehicle use rates by bringing people and commerce closer together. This allows residents to skip the car and use alternative forms of transportation to get from place to place. 

Still, each development and its impact on Arvada is carefully considered.

There is another component to making intelligent urban growth work: public input. The input of local residents should not be underestimated. Engaging with the community about how things are going is extremely important. The City of Arvada is looking to you for feedback about your experience with the current state of Arvada’s transportation system.

Arvada is studying the current condition of our city-wide transportation network to inform Arvada’s first “Transportation System Plan.” This plan will include optimization opportunities for roads, sidewalks, bus routes, rail stops, and trails throughout the city. A key part of this process is collecting public input.

Help Arvada officials understand what is going well or where improvements are needed by sharing your thoughts at Your input can help the City plan for the future and make strategic decisions about traffic needs.


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