New For Sale Townhomes Coming To Arvada in 2024

September 20, 2023

Ralston Creek Townhomes will bring 44 new for-sale homes in the Ralston Creek neighborhood. Priced to start in the low $500,000 range, these homes offer the opportunity for customization with 12 different interior designs to choose from.

According to Alexa Nickless, who serves as the marketing manager and closing coordinator at Berkeley Homes, Berkeley aims to maintain affordability in the entry-level pricing range. She attributes the rising costs of new homes in Colorado to labor shortages and increased expenses for materials and land. Berkeley Homes has made concerted efforts to keep the Ralston Creek Townhomes within reach for prospective buyers.

“The costs of material and labor make it harder to hit these prices,” Nickless said. “Labor shortages make it harder and the cost of land itself adds to the total cost of a project. Trying to make up the costs on the back end is hard and people don’t always understand the front-end costs in building a development like this.”

Luxury Without Skyhigh Prices

Despite their entry-level costs, Nickless said the townhomes offer a sense of luxury and sophistication. Each unit boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

“They have great front porch patios. Each will come with a front porch and gate giving a nice front yard experience,” Nickless said.

Nickless emphasized that the project blends an urban atmosphere with the unique characteristics of Arvada. It provides convenient access to parks and commercial services, imparting an urban feel to this suburban setting. Additionally, the site’s proximity to the Ralston Creek Trail enhances the suburban lifestyle for residents while harmonizing with the surrounding neighborhood.

Notably, the Ralston Creek Townhomes contribute to the larger context of nearly $400 million mixed-use developments overseen by AURA in the surrounding area. This development ensures that shopping, dining, entertainment, and public transportation are all easily accessible on foot.

Berkeley Homes has even expanded the Ralston Creek Trail to make it directly accessible from the townhomes, enhancing the outdoor experience for residents.

Signup To Stay Informed

Ralston Creek Townhomes is a special opportunity for Arvadans to buy their own home at an affordable price.

Nickless anticipates that sales will commence in early 2024 and encourages interested parties to sign up for the General Interest List at to get more information about these homes when they become available.


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