Ralston Creek Townhomes Meeting Recap

January 24, 2019

PROJECT NAME:  Ralston Creek Townhomes

PROPERTY LOCATION: 9543 & 9517 Ralston Rd.- former Ralston Road Cafe & Safeway

SUMMARY UPDATE FOR JANUARY 24 MEETING: Townhome development consisting of 45 to 55, for-sale units on approximately 3.6 acres.

Neighborhood Meeting Recap 9517 & 9543 Ralston Road (Council District 3) Berkeley Homes hosted an open house at Red Rocks Community College on January 24 to present a proposed townhouse development for the former Ralston Road Café and Safeway properties. The project is proposed to include approximately 45 two-story townhomes on 3.6 acres of PUD-BPR (Business/Professional/Residential) zoned land. Approximately 12 people attended the meeting. No major concerns were expressed. Attendees asked general question on topics such as unit size, price, project completion, whether non-residential land uses were considered and a variety of questions related to the larger Ralston Creek development. The development application will be processed as a Preliminary Development Plan which requires public hearings in front of the Planning Commission and City Council.



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