Ralston Creek Development Area Projects


(1) Former Kmart Site – 2022-2024
348 apartments (17 affordable), up to 10,000 SF of commercial space – currently under construction

(2) The Shops at Ralston Creek – Completed 2018
31,044 SF of small-format retail space / enhanced streetscape along Ralston Rd and Independence St

(3) Ralston Creek Townhomes by Berkeley Homes 2022 – 2023
The builder began construction in the summer of 2022, and construct, over the next two years, 44 for-sale townhomes.

(4) Townhomes Site – For Sale
27 for-sale townhomes

(5) Ralston Commons Apartments by Loftus Developments – 2023 – 2025
Approximately 200 apartments will be built in two, three-story buildings over garden-level parking garages. The project will also improve the southern border of Ralston Creek with additional public amenities and access.

(6) Ralston Commons Retail Park by Loftus Developments – 2023 – 2024
This unique retail environment with one or two local businesses will be centered on a play area for all ages.

(7) Ralston Road Improvements Project Phase 2 – 2021 – 2023
Enhanced streetscape, medians, and neighborhood monuments as part of the City of Arvada’s infrastructure bond project.

 (8) Arvada Gardens – 2023 – 2025
This project was awarded Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC). Approximately 100 income-based apartments in a four-story building will begin in 2023. Resident parking will be accommodated in the vacant parcel between Walmart and Taco/Bell KFC.

(9) Garrison Garden Paseo – 2023
The current concrete path that connects 57th Avenue and Ralston Road is in need of an upgrade. This critical neighborhood connector will expand the current right-of-way to 55 feet allowing for a gentler-sloped path. The Arvada Gardens will also extend into this space and introduce demonstration gardens as well as a new viewing vantage point at the northwest corner of the gardens.

 (10) Arvada Place – 2022 – 2025
36 apartments adjacent to the Garrison Street Paseo

(11) Super Walmart – Completed 2017




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